DAF-Chile Commission.

Diversity Art Forum is pleased to announce its co-commission with LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo. (Local Contemporary Art) taking place in Santiago, Chile in July-August 2018. LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo. and Diversity Art Forum are working in collaboration on the artist residence. After a selection process Carlos Costa was chosen by Diversity Art Forum. The residency will take place at LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo, the work Smoke Signals Prototype 1 will be exhibited at there and at the Visual Arts Museum (MAVI), Santiago, Chile. Carlos Costa is a Chilean artist currently living in Switzerland, his work centres on the public displacements in the public realm approaching strategies of habitability in the contemporary city. Smoke Signals Prototype 1 will be considering the air as a form of public space. Carlos Costa previously won first prize at the public art competition of the Ministry of Public Work entitled Homage to the History of Saltpetre. Diversity Art Forum was would like to thank the British Council for its in kind support at the early stage of this project. In addition, our thanks goes to our Project Manger Beatriz Salinas Marambio, Director of National Centre for Contemporary Art in Chile.

_LOCAL_Arte Contemporáneo. is an artist run space operating in Santiago, Chile since 2011. The organisation focuses on the production and exhibition of art comprehending this as creative exercise of survival and irruption. Local Arte Contemporanes has participated in international art fairs in Santiago (2012-2014 and 2015), Houston 2013, Madrid 2014 and Chicago 2015, It has hosted solo exhibitions of artists Gonzalo Diaz, Ian Waelder and Tris Vonna-Michell.