Don't Leave

This exhibition was sponsored by Diversity Art Forum and Solicitors International Human Rights Group in 2007. It was organised for the art forum of SIHRG and guests. The exhibition included a speech by the well known Human Rights Lawyer Phil Skinner (SIHRG Patron).

Solicitors International Human Rights Group wanted an exhibition that could allow different intrepretations of departure. Don't Leave did set a stage for a number of positions. These positions were discussed and understood. In Don't Leave the positions themselves can be complicated and the work in the exhibition questioned its own positions.

Don't Leave can be a laborious approach to life and experience, it can encode myth making and offer a quasi-anthological observation. Don't Leave disparate sensibilities that can be focused in its social and cultural world or its a fleeting moment, an abstraction breaking away from concrete structures. Don't Leave can also bring these disparate sensibilities together.