SUD 2017.

Diversity Art Forum is pleased to announce its partnership with the Triennial SUD 2017-The Human Dimension-in Cameroon.

Doual'Art SUD 2017 Triennial participants will highlight the issue of fundamental human rights for their fellow citizens. Considering that the various Human Rights Declarations and Charters are the frame work of our social relations, the 2017 SUD Triennial provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the individual's place including agency in relation to fundamental rights and especially cultural rights. The right to cultural activity is not universally accepted. The right to take part in cultural life is essential to a democratic society where individuals are entitled to initiative and equal treatment by authorities, regardless of cultural difference.

SUD 2017 Triennial has invited artists to participate and has an open call for proposals. The invited artists are Mustapha Akrim (Morocco), Ivan Argote
(France/Colombia), Sylvie Blocher (France), Justin Ebanda (Cameroon), Em'Kal Eyongapka (The Netherlands/Cameroon), Justine Gaga (Cameroon), Erik Goëngrich
(Germany), Lucas Grandin (France), Chourouk Hriech (France/Morocco), Jean-Jacques Kanté (Cameroon), Michèle Magema (France/DRC), Jean-David Nkot (Cameroon), TheTrinity Session (South Africa), Kamiel Verschuren (The Netherlands), Hervé Yamguen(Cameroon), Emile Youmbi (Cameroon), Hervé Youmbi (Cameroon).

For further information click on SUD2017 and SUD2017 News.
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