About Diversity Art Forum


Since 2005 Diversity Art Forum has supported various projects.

It was also founded and directed by Pauline de Souza.

These projects involved different practices that took place in national and international locations. Diversity Art Forum is committed to support art projects that generate debates at all levels. The projects we support do not need to emphasize any cultural heritage. The term 'DIVERSITY' is a complex and open-ended word. It means different things to people. For this organisation, the term diversity means many things that makes it impossible to give one definition of what we are. Diversity Art Forum operates under the flexibility of the term 'diversity'. We support exhibitions, artists, publications, public, private and charity organisations.

This website shows the projects that Diversity Art Forum has supported and future projects it is supporting. You will only see future projects when Diversity Art Forum has made a commitment to a project. In some cases, information will be added as the project develops. If there is no information it means that projects are still under discussion. On some of the pages you will be directed to different links, and you can open pdf files. You can reach the Diversity Art Forum by emailing info@diversityartforum.com.

The image is by Ayo Akinwande, The Artist Isn't Present, 2019, Gallow Gate, Glasgow.