The Art of walking.

Diversity Art Forum is pleased to support the French art organisation Art Connexion in the Art of Walking.

This is an action research project around walking as an artistic practice. The project explores why artists view walking as a necessary way to apprehend the world and observe how walking contributes to creative discoveries. As a basic mode of travel, walking is just as much the last resort of the poor as a passion for the privileged. Artist navigate between these paradoxes. Artists have long been developing singular and diverse practices around the subject. The project combines different approaches to the questions of walking, as an aesthetic practice, as a tool of production and as a means of exploration.

This program divided in eight appointments from March to December 2019, focuses on the practice of walking in contemporary art while opening up other questions: the changing city, local politics and the place of the pedestrian in the public space, the practice of foot geography, the identity of the urban and natural landscape. The various conferences and artistic hikes will be organised through MEL and beyond. This program invites people to urban explorations, nocturnal walks and new destinations. It invites the public to travel the city with artists, art historians, urban planners and landscape artists.

This project is in partnership with the European Metropolis of Lille, the University of Lille, Kino Cine and Diversity Art Forum Click on the link for more information The Art of Walking. For information about Art Connexion click here.

Art Connexion.