Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Monday 8th June 2020
Pauline de Souza.

Black Lives Matter-I took my time to write because it was important to get the right message across. Even now I hesitate to ensure the right message does come across. I ask people to read and listen carefully what is written in this post. You might be surprised I am asking you to listen but reading is about hearing a voice and not just seeing the words in front of you or what message might be behind the words.

Respect is a human right for everyone and I do my best to respect everyone despite the colour of their skin. I have never seen a Black person, the colour black is every different from the dark tones of brown and beige people I encounter, that includes the various mixed race people. I do not use the words Black or BAME to describe non-white people, it is just another racial term to create division in humanity. It was hurtful when COVID-19 was suddenly used to describe racial differences in England. Like everyone else I waited for the report about non-White people and COVID-19, only to be deeply disappointed when it finally arrived. There was no real answers or solutions but oppression of important information. So, what is the next step for this report and how does it move forward? This is an open question for everyone to think about. My self included and I am hurting.

As I think about this, I do my best as a senior lecturer at my university (a role that has no connection with Diversity Art Forum) to support all students in their degree programme and as a member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee I do my best to ensure non-white student are treated the same way as the white students and I also think about my non-white colleagues while looking at the power structure within the institution. Yet again, I am hurting but slowly healing.

Keep Safe. Pauline de Souza, Founder and Director of Diversity art Forum now in its 15th Year as an independent art's organisation.